About Us

About Us

Permanent Makeup is an innovative and revolutionary artistic technique. Also known as Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup consists of implanting natural pigments under the superficial layers of the skin. Using a small sterile micro-needle, the natural pigments are inserted between the dermis and the epidermis, creating a lasting cosmetic effect. This effect reflects a visual illusion where hair or color is missing (as in eyebrow, eyeliner, lip liner and color). Helene uses the hypo-allergenic pigment only that is specifically designed for facial applications. The technique is simple and revolutionary.

Whether you’re looking for Eyeliner, Beautiful Eyebrows or Luscious lips that will look great all day-everyday, Helene’s permanent makeup expertly applied will give you just that – a procedure that can help you look 10 years younger without surgery!

Imagine waking up everyday with subtle, natural enhancements already in place where all you have to do is shower and go! No more endless regimes during the day to make yourself look perfect with more time to spend on doing the things you most enjoy!

Helene is a certified micropigmentologist who specializes in hairstroke eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, lip color and lip liner. I’ve trained with two teachers in a one-on-one basis working on live models, specializing in the “Natural Look”.

What is Permanent Makeup

Permanent cosmetic makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin. It is putting the right color in the right place for a long lasting natural look. Specialized instruments allow your practitioner to place color into the layer of skin known as the dermis. Because the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at the color through a thin veil of skin. When your procedure is completed, the color will appear darker than the final result. This is because the color is in BOTH the epidermis and the dermis. The color in the top layer will flake off during the healing process.