Lash Lifting Will Change Your Life

Lash Lifting Will Change Your Life

Get longer and fuller lashes instantly

Do you find yourself applying multiple layers of mascara to your eyelashes to make them look longer? Goodbye mascara – hello lash lift! Wake Up With Make Up offers lash lift treatments in New Hartford, NY. The process semi-permanently curls your lashes so you appear more awake and have fuller lashes.

Our experienced lash lift specialists will go to great lengths to heighten your natural beauty. Go to our FAQ page now to learn more about the process.

What does lash lifting do?

You want thicker lashes but you aren’t sure which treatment to choose. Eyelash lifting is a semi-permanent process that is similar to a perm for your eyelashes. It’s a great way to enhance your look without undergoing cosmetic surgery. Eyelash lifting treatment:

  • Gives you long, full lashes. Curling your lashes upwards will make them seem longer, fuller and darker.
  • Is a fast procedure. Our trained professionals work quickly to improve your natural lashes.
  • Is low-maintenance. You’ll have more free time on your hands since you only have to touch up your lashes every six to eight weeks.

Our knowledgeable technicians in New Hartford, NY can guide you through the lash lifting process. Call us right away to schedule a lash lift consultation.